Mental Health & Wellbing Day

In a climate where 74% of educational professionals consider they do not have enough guidance about mental health and wellbeing at work, the Rose Learning Trust dedicated the first Curriculum Day to the promotion of Mental Health and Well-being.

The day began with the launch of the Leeds Carnegie Mental Health Award which the Trust has pledged to complete in all its schools by the year 2020.
It then went onto be a day filled with both laughter and tears as award winning speaker and International Mental Health Ambassador Nina Jackson shared her own personal story. Whilst at times difficult to hear, Nina’s story was inspirational and showed us how trauma and adversity can be overcome. Indeed her own special recipe of warmth, humanity, honesty and humour enabled her to take us on a journey from sadness to exhilaration.

Throughout the day Nina highlighted the importance of self-care and how essential it is to recognise our own vulnerabilities and triggers whilst not being afraid to ask for help. She provided us with strategies, resources and time to consider our mental health needs by creating our own Wellbeing Self Care Plan.

During the day she drew comparisons with the social and emotional needs of our most vulnerable pupils and allowed us to see how trauma can be played out in the safety of the school.

Feedback from delegates was over whelming positive as everyone appreciated the time to be with their Trust Colleagues to celebrate, share, learn and reflect.

“Absolutely fantastic day, cannot thank Nina enough.”

“Best training I’ve attended.”

“Amazing inspirational Speaker!”